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Why Choose Red Hat?

Red Hat is at the forefront of open source software development 
for enterprise IT, delivering a broad portfolio of products and services 
for commercial markets. CIOs and IT departments around the world rely on Red Hat to deliver solutions that meet their business needs and provide technology leadership, performance, security, and unmatched value For the past 20 years, the Red Hat open source software development model has produced high-performance, cost-effective solutions. Our model mirrors the highly interconnected world we live in and takes advantage of the ability to share ideas and information worldwide, in seconds. It allows our customers to enjoy the highest levels of technology innovation while remaining aligned with real-world business requirements. Traditional, proprietary software development models cannot match this efficient, rapid, customer-focused method. Red Hat also helps customers extract the maximum value from their investments by delivering solutions in collaboration with our hardware and software partners. These extensive collaborations connect every aspect of the enterprise, and help customers deploy complete, integrated, and certified configurations

Core technologies

Our core technology products provide the capabilities needed to deploy a complete, high performing IT infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, and secure. The products interoperate seamlessly and are designed for mission-critical business environments. They represent the best technology available today.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®

The world’s leading open source operating system provides a feature-rich, stable, secure, high-performance platform with an extensive certification ecosystem. Deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux in physical and virtual environments, in public, private, and hybrid clouds, from SMB to big data – for all enterprise computing environments.

Red Hat JBoss® Middleware

A comprehensive portfolio of middleware solutions that help customers optimize their business processes. Includes application server, SOA, BRMS, ESB, portal, application integration, and messaging.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

A suite of virtualization solutions, including a standalone hypervisor and virtualization management tools for both servers and desktops.

Red Hat Systems Management

Fully featured, integrated, easy-to-use tools that allow IT organizations to manage deployments of any size, whether they are physical or virtual, or in public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Red Hat Storage

Provides a highly-scalable, software-based file system for distributed storage subsystems. Exceptionally well-suited to big data and hybrid cloud environments, it provides the capacity to handle the explosive growth of unstructured data.

Cloud technologies

The explosive growth and success of cloud computing is driven in large part by its commitment to open standards, independent communities, free-to-use APIs, and the prevention of vendor lock-in. Using our core products as a foundation, Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud vision drives the capabilities of our cloud products. They provide the ability to increase productivity, optimize assets, and manage applications and their associated data across a heterogeneous infrastructure, wherever that infrastructure lives.

Red Hat OpenStack

OpenStack is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution that manages one or more hypervisors and provides self-service cloud capabilities to users. Red Hat OpenStack is based on the open source cloud community project of the same name, and allows organizations to build and deploy infrastructure similar to that provided by public cloud providers.

Red Hat CloudForms

CloudForms provides open, hybrid cloud management on top of your heterogeneous infrastructure, whether that infrastructure uses on-premise or public clouds (or both). CloudForms helps customers build and manage hybrid clouds through self-service, policy control, and application life cycle management.

OpenShift by Red Hat

Available as both the hosted OpenShift Online service and the on-premise OpenShift Enterprise, Red Hat’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions provide exceptionally easy-to-use and flexible environments for application developers using their choices of programming languages and frameworks.

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