How prepared is your business to deal with a disaster or even an IT failure such as a server loss due to fire, theft or hardware failure?

The recent spate of natural disasters in Australia, New Zealand and further abroad have demonstrated how important it is for businesses to be prepared to deal with a disaster.  For example, businesses within the Christchurch business district without sufficient disaster recover measures, have now been offline and unable to access business records for over eight weeks.

Open Systems offers a complete Disaster Recovery planning service to help your business prepare for coping with a disaster.  We also offer an offsite back up service allowing your company to send copies of your data to our secure Perth facility so in the event of a catastrophe you can access the data and optionally have us bring up virtual servers for your business from the Open Systems data centre.

Another important ingredient in preparedness for a disaster is regular health checks and maintenance.  Often we are called to attend to look at problems once systems or components are failing altogether.  This kind of reactive approach leads to down time and reduced productivity.  It is our experience that clients that we visit regularly to review their systems and how they are used have fewer outages as we are investigate tell-tale signs and solve small issues before they become a major problem.  Consider the cost to your business if your office is offline for an hour, a day or a month.

Contact Open Systems on 9427 2500 to arrange a review of your systems and readiness to handle an IT disaster today.

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