Disaster Recovery Planning


How prepared is your business to deal with a disaster?  What is the cost per day to your business if your systems are offline in the event of a major disaster?  For some, the thought of losing the whole IT infrastructure or even office due to a natural disaster is terrifying.  Many people respond by saying “I don’t even know where I would start”.

Implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan can help you and your organisation put measures in place to ensure that your business critical systems are covered and processes ready to enable business to continue should a disaster occur.

The range of measures available varies greatly in complexity and price from simple off-site back solutions through to replicated environments hosted in a data centre.

At Open Systems we can assist you in determining the level of disaster recovery planning required, balancing both your business needs and budget constraints.  Our team have experience in documenting and implementing DRP systems for small businesses through to enterprise, so you can be sure we have the know-how and expertise required to provide the right advice for your business.

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