Our dedicated team is available to provide on-demand IT support services to ensure your business and staff are always operating at peak efficiency.

By offering you the option of having the same person look after your requirements, you can be sure that; you know the IT expert who walks into your business and that the IT expert knows your business.

We also offer a tiered-support structure which means a team member of the appropriate seniority and skill-level can attend to your issue, ensuring value for money.

If your business needs IT support more regularly, we can offer Systems Administrators at a reduced rate, based on the hours and skills required. Backed by a Senior Consultant, our approach offers a way to manage the complete lifecycle of the Systems Administrator and deliver a level of IT service an in-house resource cannot offer at the same cost.

We can cater for all aspects of our client requirements in the various areas of Information Systems, Technology and Telecommunications. No matter the technology, we have the expertise.

Open Systems offers a range of hardware and software products to back our IT service offerings in order to provide comprehensive and professional IT solutions.

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