At Open Systems, we never lose sight of the importance of great customer service. Therefore, we listen to your problems, think carefully about them and then provide you with simple, tightly costed, demonstrably effective solutions.

Having been in the business of providing strategic IT consulting for over 20 years, Open Systems understands the drivers for change in IT:

  • Alignment between business systems and business objectives and
  • Improved profitability through enhanced productivity and efficiency

In understanding these drivers, we work with you to:

PLAN – provide clear, effective and actionable directions for business improvements, and deliver practical and independent technology advice.
PROCURE – define your requirements, architect the solution and provide cost-effective options.
IMPLEMENT – provide you with the level of service you deserve; use advanced project management techniques; and most-importantly, keep you informed. You’ll always know where you stand and all the agreed deadlines will be met.
MAINTAIN – tailored ICT support to suit your business, budget and systems.
REVIEW – delivering ICT architecture review, business systems review and disaster recovery planning.

Open Systems is unique in that we have the flexibility to work with you in any or all of the above stages and at any level.  Whether it is providing high-level advice and expertise to your team, through to managing your entire IT infrastructure and services, you can depend on Open Systems to be your complete technology partner.

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