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For over 25 years, we have been unlocking the IT possibilities that drive success for WA businesses, organisations and communities.

Connecting Community through innovative IT application

Secure, scalable IT via strategic managed services

Proactive and strategic IT services and implementation


Professional IT advice and strategic information for tender process

Strategic, innovative & cost-effective IT services

Our team of business experts, consultants and technicians offer the most up to date knowledge for diversified services that include IT Support, Supply, Development, Cybersecurity and Future-Proofing.


Proactive monitoring and maintenance along with priority support and user and device management, to keep IT systems operating at peak performance.


Understanding business outcomes and developing IT solutions that will support growth, competitiveness and efficiency in whatever environments.


Provision of expert advice, tools and systems used to monitor, mitigate, and prevent hackers, network outages, and anything that compromise business online and data security.


Procurement, installation and deployment of all of the IT equipment and software required for an efficient and connected operation of your office and teams.


Support services that support all of our clients and WA organisations’ Information Technology (IT), Communications and Business objectives.


Customising the perfect mix of software, hardware and IT services, to help deliver cost effective and powerful IT solutions that evolve with your business needs.

In good hands…

We specialise in providing IT solutions and leveraging a return on your investment for the following popular software and platforms:

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Proactive IT solutions

As a locally owned and run business ourselves, we are passionate about working for and with WA organisations, communities and governments to ensure continued growth and success in the face of transformational trends.

Our smart and proactive IT solutions unlock the potential for our clients to successfully respond to their changing environments and goals.

Smart IT solutions to streamline your operations and give you back the time to do what you want!

Fully managed IT service that will allow for remote work and expanding talent net not hampered by geography.

Proactive IT system checks and upgrades to secure your data and work.

NFPs, local governments and scale up businesses need to rely on partnerships and sharing to have impact. Good IT systems allow faster and secure data sharing and connecting for better collaboration.

Fully managed wireless service to connect with your customers, whenever, wherever!

A good IT system and processes can provide valuable data that can be easily extracted to create more informed, effective resources and better decisions.

Our collaborative partnerships with WA businesses


“We worked with a Perth tech company – Open Systems Support – who designed a high-tech [mobile media vehicle].” 
~Ian Trust, Chair 

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“IT is now pivotal to any professional service practice. Having a reliable, friendly and efficient IT partner – like Open Systems Support – is a necessity.”
~T Turner, Partner

Fast Brick Robotics

“We would highly recommend anyone seeking procurement or MSP services to talk to the team at Open Systems.”
~ Braden Richardson, IT Officer

Unlock free IT advice and resources

The IT world continues to change and transform rapidly. As part of our commitment to support WA businesses, organisations and communities with digital success, our team members have shared their tips and suggestions for IT practices to keep your work safe and efficient.

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