Open Systems Support

Proactive and Strategic IT

Future-proofing responsiveness to changing business environments

Research though has shown that businesses fail to maximise the potential of IT for two reasons:

Here at Open Systems Support, we pride ourselves in delivering proactive and strategic IT, in addition to our rapid response services. This approach of ours focuses on ensuring that businesses and organisations operate more efficiently and effectively.

OSS Proactive IT Management

Our proactive IT management is all about reducing downtime and crisis care (rapid response managed by our Helpdesk) through quality and sustainability of IT systems.

We do this by ensuring that we do the following, regularly and actively for our customers. 

Regular maintenance

Conducting Maintenance Schedules

Hardware policies

Developing minimum hardware policies to ensure you have the most effective, efficient and secure IT equipment

Regular IT meetings

Conducting regular IT meetings on site and virtually, to always go through standardised process and procedures and other IT opportunities

Service standards

Maintaining minimum service standards


Workshops and end user training to understand risk appetite, uncover systemic IT issues and best, sustainable solutions

OSS Strategic IT Management

Our strategic approach to IT involves empathetic understanding the commercial outcomes of our clients business to provide leadership and IT enablement that will contribute to efficiency and competitiveness. How does this look like in reality for a WA business, organisation or local government we work with?


Business requirements discovery

Firstly, we get a deeper business understanding especially around the commercial drivers of a business, through research, consultation and being on-site to observe operations.


Research and innovation

We then use these valuable insights to examine disruptive technologies to leverage competitive advantage and provides fresh ideas and out of the box thinking


Five year IT plans and goals

We combine knowledge, ideas and insights to develop and refine 5 year IT goals, with strategic to meet business goals.
“Open Systems has been supporting my store for 8 years with all of our IT needs. They provide fast and reliable service every time. I highly recommend them!”

~ A Thompson, IGA Supermarket