Open Systems Support

Success stories

Unlocking business potential and possibilities via proactive, strategic IT

As a local business ourselves, we understand the transformational trends for WA businesses, organisations, local governments and communities continue to grow and operate successfully.

Through our 25+ years of experience in a changing local and global world, we know, have seen and been part of technology impacting the way we work and do business well.

Here are some of the successes that our proactive and strategic IT management and collaboration with WA businesses have delivered.

More time to work on the business

Good IT systems and infrastructure help streamline your business and organisations processes more effectively and efficiently, allowing leaders and their teams to work on the business rather than in the business.
“We’ve been using Open System’s procurement services and couldn’t be happier. Quick turnaround on quotes and orders along with great customer service allows me to focus on my job.”
B Richardson
Fast Brick Robotic

Secure, confident operations for customer confidence

By implementing appropriate cybersecurity measures, not only will your business be able to operate effectively but you will also receive protection from lawsuits and reputation damage from data breaches.

Happier, more satisfied customers

The right IT systems can support better communications (notifications, automation) with customers and community, increasing satisfaction, loyalty and brand reputation.
“The Trailblazer media vehicle is a four wheel drive Hilux and what we’ve done is, we got funding from Lotterywest and we worked with a Perth tech company - Open Systems Support - who designed a high-tech [mobile media vehicle].”
Ian Trust
Chairperson, Wunan Foundation

Better decision making

A good IT system and processes can provide valuable data that can be easily extracted to create more informed, resources effective and better decisions.
“IT is now pivotal to any professional service practice. Having a reliable, friendly and efficient IT partner – like Open Systems Support – is a necessity.”
T Turner
HTG Partners

Connections for greater value and impact

Research and experience show that NFPs, local governments and businesses rely on partnerships and sharing to have impact. Good IT systems allow data sharing, connecting, and communicating wherever, whenever!
"The relationship between Otto Energy ITC and Open Systems is an ongoing and fruitful relationship that has given us the flexibility of having extra skilled resources available at hand to assist in the many and varied projects that we need to undertake in the oil and gas sector.”
Otto Energy

Wider talent net

Quality and available staffing is a challenge as part of the post pandemic situation we are all facing. A good IT system will allow for remote work and expanding the talent net not hampered by geography.