Open Systems Support


Ensuring safe, secure operations and systems for your business

Our team is proud to provide outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems, cybersecurity training and security testing and checking to ensure that your business and customer information remain safe.

With a cybersecurity strategy, implementation and awareness, businesses can defend themselves from cyber threats. 

Our cybersecurity strategies

Open Systems Support offers Cybersecurity through a series of processes and strategies that we put in place to protect a business’ critical systems and sensitive information against cyber-attacks and data breaches, i.e. cyber threats.

Our cybersecurity strategies include: 

Security strategy and consulting

Planning, implementing and optimising your cyber security plan and investment.

Risk and compliance

Ensure that your systems comply with established security regulations and advice to stay protected.

Cybersecurity Training and Education

Security education, customised to your needs and delivered by some of Australia’s cyber security experts.

Digital identity management

Securely control access and privilege to various information and systems, effectively and efficiently.

Managed security services

Provision of expert, outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems.

Cloud security

As we shift our IT systems, data and information storage into the cloud, rest assured that they remain secure and highly available.

Incident management

Access expert digital forensic investigators to respond effectively and successfully to cyber incidents.

Security testing

Access a comprehensive testing of your digital applications, assets and systems for proactive security protection.

OSS cybersecurity offerings explained

Access some of Australia’s leading cyber security experts to help create, design, implement and continually fortify your security plans. Some of the services that our cyber security consultants can provide include:

Security strategy and consulting

Risk and compliance

Cybersecurity training

Digital identity management

Managed Security Services

Cloud security

Security incident management

Security testing