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OSS 25 years celebration marks ongoing IT support for WA Businesses

25 years celebration oss

On Thursday 16 February 2023, our Open Systems Support team hosted our clients – past and present – our IT partners, industry colleagues and of course, our supportive family – for our 25 years celebration.

The celebration was held at Perth City Farm and catered by local Perth companies, reinforcing our commitment to support WA businesses.

A big thanks to everyone who attended and helped us celebrate.

Being in business for 25 years in a big milestone and Tom Clarkson (Managing Director) and Georgina Rowett (Director), will share more stories soon, reflecting on their experiences, perspectives and views when it comes to supporting WA businesses with strategic and proactive IT.

Next 25 years in business

We’re pumped for what’s to come post 25 years… the tech and IT sector is at an exciting and challenging period at the same time and we are keen to continue our support of unlocking IT possibilities with and for WA businesses.

Here are some things on our pipeline:

  • New website – so please take a tour of our new website now.
  • Continuing our work with WA organisations who safeguard the wellbeing of our community members – such as Wunan Foundation.
  • Supporting WA businesses to take advantage of IT to remain competitive in their sectors 
  • Some ‘cool’ things we are offering as part of out 25th birthday – watch something dropping into your emails (ref: the $2500 IT consulting for a nominated WA organisation /  business) 

And hopefully, more opportunities to gather like tonight 

Check out the photos from our 25 years celebration

We invite you to view a selection of photos from our recent event.

BIG thanks to our family member and roaming photographer, Steph, for taking the pics.

View the OSS event photos.