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OSS services for WA's resources sector

Ensuring Connected Communications for WA’s Mining and Resources Sector

WA’s Mineral exploration expenditure reached a new high of $2.5 billion in 2021-22 with strong levels of spending on gold, nickel, copper, rare earths and lithium. Interest in the resources sector – according to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation, and Safety – remains strong with $24 billion invested during 2021-22, and there were around $57 billion of resources projects under development.

Suffice to say that the mining and resources sector is a big and important contributor to the WA economy and we at Open Systems Support are honoured to be the Managed Services and IT partner for many local mining and resources companies.

Our IT services for the resources sector

Our Remote Communications & IT Services

Safety is a major consideration within mine sites, and the ability to communicate with each other and across great distances is essential for any company within this sector. Open Systems Support works with WA mining and resources companies across all areas of the state who need reliable communications and fact connectivity, no matter how remote their site is, to provide the following services:

Managed services

As one of WA’s longest serving Managed Services providers, our team are well versed in the provision of cost effective and importantly, effective IT networks, hardware and software installation that meet the unique needs and requirements of the mining and resources sector.

Our Managed Services include:

  • Telephone system set up and maintenance
  • Servers and network set up and maintenance 
  • Hardware and software purchase, installation, and upgrades 
  • Helpdesk and remote agent support
A mining operation with heavy equipment

Starlink installation

Our team provides end to end service of Starlink purchase, installation, cabling and termination to buildings at mining sites.

Starlink is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection for miners to access their equipment, monitor their operations, and increase their productivity.

With its ability to provide fast and efficient access to data, Starlink helps the mining sector reduce downtime in their operations and optimise their production.

Cyber security

The mining and resources sector collects and stores large data sets as part of their operations. 

They also have a large cyber security footprint having to control many devices across the network.

As part of our Managed Services offering, we provide ongoing maintenance and updates to software and hardware, including security updates. 

In addition, we offer comprehensive cyber security, including monitoring and management of security devices and systems, cybersecurity training and security testing and checking to ensure that your business and customer information remain safe.