Open Systems Support

Proactive OSS support for WA's medical providers

Safe, secure and reliable IT for our health professionals

Having reliable, secure and connected communications is also an essential IT requirement for medical centres, GPs and other medical related services.

Open Systems Support are proud to work with WA’s medical services providers, looking after their IT needs seamlessly so that they are able to focus on their important role of safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our community and its members. 

Our IT services for WA's medical providers

Seamless IT services that our medical sector can rely on

Understanding the need for safe, secure, reliable and flexible growth IT requirements of the medical services sector means we are able to offer the following services effectively:

Managed services

As one of WA’s longest serving Managed Services providers, our team are well versed in the provision of cost effective and importantly, effective IT networks, hardware and software installation that meet the need for reliable and secure IT for the medical services providers. 

Our Managed Services include:

  • Telephone system set up and maintenance
  • Servers and network set up and maintenance 
  • Hardware and software purchase, installation, and upgrades 
  • Helpdesk and remote agent support 
  • Security checks and updates. 

Medical apps support

As part of our Managed Services provision or provided independently is advice for our medical services clients on the right IT solution and applications that meets their requirements.

There are many medical applications available – and more will continue to become available – hence our team is constantly expanding our knowledge to ensure that what applications are chosen supports the medical practice’s budget, requirements and existing network or operating ecosystem (Office 365 or Google Suite for example).

We also offer installation, upgrades and support for any applications implemented. 

Cyber security

As we know, medical providers collect and store large data sets as part of their services delivery. 

This of course poses a cyber security risk, some of which we have seen related in this sector to the Medibank data breach.

As part of our Managed Services offering, we provide ongoing maintenance and updates to software and hardware, including security updates. 

In addition, we offer comprehensive cyber security, including monitoring and management of security devices and systems, cybersecurity training and security testing and checking to ensure that your business and customer information remain safe.