Open Systems Support

OSS in the Not-for -profit sector

Helping WA’s not for profit sector expand their reach

IT and technology makes it possible to expand a non profit’s reach in the products and services they provide, thereby increasing their capacity and positive impact to their intended clients. 

Here at Open Systems Support, we are honoured to also be the IT partner of choice for many not for profit organisations across the state, providing end to end IT services, strategy and implementation and cyber security support. 

Our IT services for the not-for-profit sector

IT Partner of Choice for WA's community organisations

Challenged by rising costs and limited funding, we realise the importance of supporting the not for profit sector with cost effective but robust and accessible IT services. Our team have worked and are working with many organisations across the state to deliver the following services:

Managed services

As one of WA’s longest serving Managed Services providers, our team are well versed in the provision of cost effective and importantly, effective IT networks, hardware and software installation that meet the requirements of the not for profit sector. 


Our Managed Services include:

  • Telephone system set up and maintenance
  • Servers and network set up and maintenance 
  • Hardware and software purchase, installation, and upgrades 
  • Helpdesk and remote agent support 
  • Cyber security checks, training and updates

IT Projects

Open Systems Support has been a project partner for IT projects with not for profits who receive funding or support from third parties to extend their services and product reach. 

In these situations, we are able to provide expert IT consultation and advice, project management for the IT requirements, through to implementation, which will include testing, activation, maintenance and updates. 

One example of our IT project is with Wunan Foundation, supported by LotteryWest, to turn a Toyota Hilux into a media vehicle, complete with screens, audio, PA systems and wi-fi connectivity to deliver their services across regional, remote WA.

Strategy and implementation

As organisations grow – in personnel and also in services provision and client numbers – we have played a part in ensuring that IT capabilities grow with the organisational needs of a not-for-profit agency. 

Our IT strategy and implementation include:

  • Discovering the goals and requirements of an organisation
  • Researching innovation and/or solutions to meet requirements
  • Developing a responsive IT strategy for implementation 
  • Implementation, maintenance and reviews 

Connecting Up

The Connecting Up program supports Australian and New Zealand not-for-profit organisations to build stronger communities through the use of technology.

The program offers donated and discounted IT products and online learning from various software and hardware providers such as Microsoft.

Open Systems Support has helped WA not-for-profits to find out more about the free licensing and discounted offers available that would best suit their operational and IT requirements.

“The Trailblazer media vehicle is a four wheel drive Hilux and what we’ve done is, we got funding from Lotterywest and we worked with a Perth tech company – Open Systems Support – who designed a high-tech [mobile media vehicle].” 

~ Ian Trust, Chairperson, Wunan Foundation.