Consulting and Solution Services
Open Systems Support has specialist staff in almost every aspect of Network Integration and Support. Maintaining a focus on real world experience, our Senior Consultants have a minimum of ten years experience in Network Operating Systems and Communications. Combined with the highest level industry qualifications available, our consultants have a broad practical and theoretical understanding of the issues that arise in Information Technology.

Levels of Expertise and Support
One of the key strategies Open Systems has adopted is to provide a tiered support structure to ensure our clients pay for the type of support and service that they require. This structure provides our consultants with a career path and ensures value for money for our clients. The structure for support is broken into the following levels.

Senior Consultant
Our Senior Consultants are qualified and accredited in one or a number of areas of Information Systems, Technology or Telecommunications – usually with over ten years specialist experience, with a high level of expertise in Strategic Business Development and Consulting.

Our Consultants are qualified and accredited in one or a number of areas of Information Systems, Technology or Telecommunications, usually with over five years specialist experience.

Network Administrator and Help Desk Support Staff
These consultants are provided for extended support hours per week. This can be from eight to forty hours per week and price can be negotiated based on hours and skill levels required. The Open Systems Consulting teams provide a range of IT consultancy services designed to assist clients in developing technical strategies and solutions to address immediate and future business needs.

The team at Open Systems has the industry experience and expertise to manage all of your technology integration needs, and can provide solutions comprising a combination of the following technologies:

  • Internet Gateways using Linux, Windows 2000/2003/2008 or Novell Netware solutions
  • Mail Server Solutions based on Sendmail, Microsoft Exchange, Notes as well as Scalix and Zimbra Outlook® Linux based email and calendaring for enterprise
  • Sophisticated Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Firewall solutions
  • Storage solutions (SAN and NAS)
  • File and Print Servers for LANs and WANs
  • Small and large Voice over IP Telecommunications (VoIP) solutions
  • Custom Wireless and Satellite network systems
  • Cisco solutions
  • Support staff qualified in Microsoft, Redhat Linux, SCO Unix and various flavours of Linux
  • Bar Code scanners and PointofSale systems.

Open System Support can also offer custom solutions in a wide variety of environments. This service is ideal for geographically dispersed organisations seeking to minimise IT overheads and for companies wishing to outsource their IT infrastructure.